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Games started making their appearance in the entertainment world soon after the introduction of computers. The first was roughly in the year 1960 which tried developing 2-dimensional images to be characters in the game and it was a great success triggering more number of game producers in this field. This is how the advent of animation in the gaming world started. Today we have a lot of games, for people of all ages and the latest is the featuring of 4D technology. This is driving people crazy and they wish to have more and more this way. The increase in expectations and interest shown by the people is driving the gaming industry to come up with more such interesting and exciting things. Currently, Nintendo is one very famous name that is taking the world by a storm. There have been a lot of challenging and interesting games from Nintendo and every game is designed and created with new and unique characters and challenges.

All this is made possible only because of the improvements in the animation technique and the growing technology. The success of the game animation is partly attributable to the structure of the computers used. These computers use chips for the central processing unit helping with the audio and video files. Before the chips, it was the video cards that played this role of video and audio support but later with the development and changes in the computer`s shape and size, these cards had to be replaced with something else more flexible and versatile and this is when chips came into the picture.

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